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Making Poinciana A Better Place To Live
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Latest News About Poinciana Transportation Issues
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Latest News on Poinciana Parkway

Osceola Expressway Authority Provides Update on Project

Parkway Project Is On Schedule and Under Budget
Deck For Bridge Being Poured
Issues Discussed    Please click on issue to read description
Lakeland Ledger Poinciana Parkway Article
Osceola News Gazette Article
Poinciana's Elected Leaders Response To Community Questions Clarify Issues Facing Community

Funding for sidewalks, transportation etc is a burden for local government that we just don't have adequate funding to support without new county taxes.
Poinciana was developed in the late 1960's and early seventies before their were requirements for things such as sidewalks, street lighting and drainage that urban communities have today.

Osceola Commissioner Brandon Arrington
Ed Smith Representing Polk County Commission

Poinciana is not a city, one of the things cities provide are Chambers of Commerce to promote economic development, that is a problem that needs to be worked on.

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Poinciana Infrastructure
Poinciana Business Development
Code Enforcement
Village 7 Fire Station
HOA Regulation
Cypress Woods CFD
Community Programs
Youth and School Activities
Poinciana Public Safety
Joanna Conley, CEO Poinciana Medical Center Speaks to Poinciana Community
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PRFSC Wants To Thank Association of Poinciana Villages, Poinciana Veterans Club, Swamp Girl Adventures, Keep Polk County Beautiful and Poinciana HACER Club For their support of this project
Poinciana Engages BJM Consulting To Provide Assessment of Poinciana Strengths, Weaknesses , Opportunities and Threats.
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BJM Collects Surveys From Poinciana Residents to use to form evaluation
BJM makes on site visit to Poinciana Consulting with Poinciana Elected Government Leaders
Polk County Government
Tour of Poinciana Villages
Meeting with APV Board President and Vice President
Attends April 14 APV Board Meeting
Osceola County Government
Evaluation of 2015 Poinciana Incorporation Feasibility Study
BJM will present report to Osceola Legislative Delegation in mid May 2015 Poinciana Community Meeting
County Government Presentations
APV Presentations
Poinciana Incorporation Presentations

If there were ever any doubt that people in Poinciana care about their community, the packed house Tuesday night removed those doubts.

Poinciana Celebrates Earth Day 2015 By Holding Great American Cleanup
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Poinciana Community Supports APV Board Efforts To Represent Community
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Special APV Board Meeting  held 10AM May 7
Sunrail Gets $93M Federal Grant to Expand to Poinciana
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New Law Firm Hired by APV HOA
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PRFSC May 11,2015 Meeting 7PM Poinciana Library Provides Community Update on Valencia College Construction Plans For Poinciana
Dr Kathleen Plinske Reccomending to Valencia College Board that they build new campus in Poinciana
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