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Latest News About Poinciana Transportation Issues
April 4 PRFSC Meeting Featured Orlando Sentinel Reporter Speaking on HOA Reform Needs in Florida
Beth Kassab, Orlando Sentinel Reporter
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Poinciana Poised for Big Change, Finally

The Orlando Sentinel is featuring an opinion article on its website by Columnist Beth Kassab describing how Poinciana is a poster child for the dangers of unchecked Florida sprawl and the goods things that have recently been happening in Poinciana, including the opening of Poinciana Parkway and the funding for the Poinciana Campus of Valencia Community College. The article may be viewed at http://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/os-poinciana-valencia-campus-beth-kassab-20160414-column.html . Beth was the featured speaker at a packed PRFSC ( www.prfsc.org ) meeting held Monday April 4 at the Poinciana library. At that meeting she learned a lot about Poinciana based on feedback she received from a roomful of residents. Beth recently followed that up by a half day visit and tour of Poinciana including conversations with community leaders, some of whom are mentioned in her article.

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Valencia College Offers Programs That Could Help Poinciana Kids
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Funding to Build Poinciana Valencia Campus Approved by Florida Legislature and Singned By Governor
Another Long Promised Road For Poinciana Becomes Closer to Reality
Southport Connector Project Moves Forward
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Study Selects Two Options for Connecting Poinciana Parkway to I4
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Valenciana Officials Unveil Rendition of First Campus Building
Construction Starts on New Poinciana Campus for Valencia College
Poinciana Parkway Volumes Significantly Higher than original study estimates
What's Next For Poinciana  Road Transportation?
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Poinciana State Senator Calls For Investigation Of Poinciana APV HOA Debt Collection Practices
Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi
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Mediation of Poinciana Legal Disputes Fails.  Litigation and Investigations Move Forward
Complaint to go to trial after new legal roadblocks thrown up by Poinciana Developer and HOA are resolved.
Investigation has begun with Florida reviewing what has been done to Poinciana Homeowners
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Poinciana Library Hospital Physician Lecture Series
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Volunteers Needed For New Poinciana High School Mentoring Program
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Sept 19,2016 PRFSC Meeting to Feature Political
Analysis of 2016 Election
R. Bruce Anderson Florida Southern Political Science Professor to present his view of 2016 election
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