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Making Poinciana A Better Place To Live
Latest News About Poinciana Transportation Issues
Construction Starts on New Poinciana Campus for Valencia College
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Poinciana Library Hospital Physician Lecture Series
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New Dimensions High School Volunteer Program Kicks of with Mentor Meeting 6PM Sept  28, 2016 at school. Mentors will be assigned Mentees for all those who signed  up. More Mentors are needed. Anyone interested is requested to read the information below.

Highlights of PRFSC October Meeting Minutes

The PRFSC October 2016 meeting featuring a discussion of American Muslim Faith and Beliefs was one of the more enlightening meetings that we have held. The speaker Bassem Chaaban is Director of Outreach for the Central Florida Islamic Center for Peace.

Topics included What is the Muslim Faith, The Role of Women in the Muslim Faith, The Origins and Differences between the Sunni vs Shia branches of the faith, ISIS, the Muslim Religion and Politics and much more.

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Florida State League Minor League Baseball Coming to Poinciana/Kissimmee Starting in April 2017
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Valenciana Officials Unveil Rendition of First Campus Building
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Poinciana Homeowners File Amended Complaint the Questions Poinciana HOA Right to Collect Fees and Enforce Code Restrictions on Poinciana Homeowners
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Poinciana Parkway Opens
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Valencia College was ranked fourth for Associate Degrees in the US

According to a ranking of over 3,600 universities and colleges in the Nation,
Valencia College was ranked fourth for the number of associate degrees
granted to students.

In school year 2014- 2015, 7,625 associate degrees were awarded.

(source Community College Week, data US Dept of Education)

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Issues in lawsuit
APV, Avatar and Village 1 file court documents to defend themselves
Defense allegations
Poinciana Homeowners have no standing in documents controlling how HOA is run
APV has no legal responsibility to homeowners over how HOA money is spent. Lawsuits over breach of fiduciary responsibility can only be filed against HOA board members.
Poinciana homeowners were never damaged for HOA decision to sell debts to First100
APV Collections and code enforcement actions are illegal
APV has not followed governing rules agreed to in HOA documents
Developer has not turned over control to homeowners
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With Cypress Parkway Connection Open Poinciana ParkwayTraffic Counts Exceed 7,000 Cars per Day
PRFSC October 17 Meeting Featured Speaker From Central Florida Islamic Center for Peace
Please help make Christmas a Joy for our area kids. Please contribute to annual toy drive.
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