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Latest News About Poinciana Transportation Issues
Red Light Cameras Coming To Poinciana
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Polk County Commission Approves Award of Contract to Finish Poinciana Community Park
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Poinciana Village 7 Residents hurt by insurance companies new concern of Fire/EMS public safety issues
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Polk County School Board  Starts Assigning Students to new STEM Magnet school and Middle School for Poinciana Polk students
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Polk School Update
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Osceola Commissioner Brandon Arrington, Osceola Campus President Kathleen Plinske and Valencia College President Dr. Sandy Shugart meeting with PRFSC meeting attendees day before announcement that Florida State Board of Education OKs New Campus in Poinciana..
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Valencia College Coming To PRSFC Meetings June 2 and 3 to discuss location selected for new Poinciana Campus.
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Staffing assignments being worked on
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'Most important issue on 2014 Polk County election ballot' discused at PRFSC March 2014 meeting.
The future of public road and bus transportation in Polk County will be decided by voters in Novemeber 2014 election.
Poinciana Incorporation Proponents to present answers to questions asked by Poinciana Legislators at May 28,2014 meeting to be held 7PM at Palmetto Elementary School
Should Poinciana Citizens be allowed to vote on future of Poinciana?
If you are interested in using the Pavilion or the sport fields please contact John Williams (johnwilliams@polk-county.net ) or 863-534-6911
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Roads Proposed for Central Florida Residents since 1920's finally enter Preliminary Design and Engineering Phase with help from State of Florida
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Construction Begins on Poinciana Parkway
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Future Plans For Poinciana Roads Becomes Political Topic in Tallahassee

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Poinciana Parkway Bonds Well Received in World Marketplace
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Take A Walk Along Poinciana Parkway From 17/92 to Marigold
Not open to public, please click on slide show of Poinciana Parkway from 17/92 intersection south to Marigold
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All Bonds Have Been Sold
Closing to took place Friday April 11,2014
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Polk County and especially Poinciana play a key role in Florida's Ecosystem. Poinciana's future depends on successful completion of road projects like Poinciana Parkway, I4 Northern Connector and Southport Connector to allow our growing population to have access to jobs, education, medical services and the other necessities of life.
How can we balance the future needs with the protection of the environment?
Please click here to read about April 28,2014 PRFSC meeting to find out?

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How to Balance The Future of Poinciana and Mother Nature?